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LTN's Goals

Launching in 2018, the Toronto LSAT Tutors' network is a simple guide that connects students and tutors in the GTA. Each tutor is provided with an informative page with a standardized layout which allows easy comparison for students and much needed exposure for tutors.

The BigPrep companies (Kaplan, Oxford, Princeton) control over 95% of the market, and most tutors know from student feedback that these firms leave much to be desired. For many of us, half to two thirds of our clientele have gone through a course, and when they arrive in our hands, they're (understandably) frustrated.

If independent tutoring firms work together, pool our resources, and garner some exposure, we can get the message out -- students have options other than the big corporate prep firms that plaster their ads from campus walls to Google searches. 


As we'll outline HERE (link), the tutoring option is almost always the best way to go. Surprisingly, it's also often cheaper.


In this vein, as we launch the website, free listings will be offered to select firms/tutors that have established reputations. At this time, we will not be listing law schools that tutor as a hobby...only those that tutor on a semi-professional or professional basis.

Each page has a multitude of verifiable and objective metrics (Google Reviews, Price Point, etc. However, the directory is not meant to be purely objective. This would be impossible to accomplish at this early point.

Think of the network like a neighborhood business directory.  There will be some subjective promotional information provided by the tutoring outfit itself, particularly in the "summary" portion. This will be made clear to students. However, we will conduct our own due diligence, and ask our members to be sure to update us if information changes.  




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We will begin LTN in Toronto and quickly role it out across major urban areas across Canada.


There are many possibilities to ponder with this project

  • We could ultimately ask for membership fees in order to promote and advertise the site

  • We could add a - type forum and other useful information to drive traffic

  • We at LTN would love input, ideas, and feedback - as well as assistance with promotion and technical matters. If you like this idea, please reach out and contribute your two cents worth

  • On that note, an ancillary goal of the site is to get to know each other, swap ideas, stories, successes, failures, etc. While we may on some level be competitors, remember our goal: to offer a credible, organized and visible alternative to the cabal of large firms that currently dominate this market. 

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