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BigPrep Courses
The Tutoring Option
So, what is LTN? We know that as a prospective LSAT student doing preliminary research, you've already been inundated with ads from the Large Test Prep Companies. Their posters litter university campuses, and they'll pay $10 per Google click to draw your attention to their various services.
"BigPrep" companies, as we call them, have such deep pockets that they take up all the adspace...and oxygen... in the room. Many students feel pressured to take an expensive course with names like Kaplan or Princeton Review in order to be competitive.
First off, that's total nonsense! In fact, BigPrep companies generally have very low satisfaction rates and are often dismally ineffective when it comes to tangible results -- namely, a great score on your LSAT. We get into the many problems with the BigPrep companies here. It's an eye-opening read!
So, who the hell are we to criticize? Well, we're a network of LSAT tutors from across the country. Get this: on average, more than HALF our students come to us after completing a BigPrep course. Every tutor on this website will have stories of students who have shelled out thousands of dollars on BigPrep classes, with almost nothing to show for it. Some will even come with bad habits taught by inexperienced BigPrep instructors that we have to "unteach." So, if we want to flatter ourselves, we're a bit like the Surgeons who have to fix/reverse those botched surgeries that people get on the cheap in Mexico...
Our primary focus is to get the word out that there exists an ALTERNATIVE to BigPrep. For a large number of students, a professional, experienced and effective tutor is by far the better choice. In fact, we think that this is true for the vast majority of people (naturally, right? but more on this later). The problem we face is that we are invariably small, local outfits without the resources available to the big guys. Our postings on Kijiji and our humble streetside posters can't compete with multi-million dollar ad budgets. Most of our business comes from old fashioned good word of mouth..
This site will attempt to convince you that private tutoring is more effective, expedient, and enjoyable than BigPrep offerings. We'll seek to bust certain myths about private tutoring (for example, it can be a lot cheaper than people think). We'll seek to outline key criteria that you should look for when selecting a tutor and point out certain red flags to avoid.

So long as you're able to weigh both LSAT prep options objectively, and make an informed decision on which sounds best for you, then we're happy.

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